Why choose PAF

Why choose
palo alto foods?

Palo Alto Foods is committed
to serving our family of
customers who depend on us.
Going the "extra mile" is what
sets Palo Alto Foods apart
from our competitors.

We take pride in providing a level of service
that not only delivers the products our
customers need when they need them, in
the condition they expect them, but also
includes a commitment to good
communication and solving problems with a

Because we are a family culture, our delivery
personnel take pride in developing direct
personal relationships of mutual trust and
respect with our customers.

We get to know our customers, our
customers’ businesses, demonstrate
professionalism and integrity to do our very
best to build a long-term bond with our customers.

How we "c" being a good partner:


Concern that we
have for our
employees and
our customers


Confidence that we
bring our customers
the best in food
service products
with a conscience


Commitment to
providing the best to
our customers with


Providing the kind of
service that lets our
customers know how
important they to us